Digital Thermometer Question..

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I was out looking for an extra Digital for another one of my tanks and I came acrossed one that was at a local department store. It came with a stainless steel probe and it said that it was weatherproof. This is what else it said the probe is for use in pools, freezers, soil or when temp. are below 32 degrees.. It also said the temp. range on the probe is -58 degrees to 158 degrees. The sensor is a remote sensor as well so the temp. can be monitored anywhere within 100 feet of open space. My question is.." Seeing as it can stand up to pools which have chlorine and who knows what other chemicals as well as freezers and soil, will it work in a salt tank?" Its $13.00 for it. If you guys think it might work I'll give it a shot.. If not..Guess I'll stick with the expensive ones for aquariums. Thanks in advance for all your input.
IMO unless it was a high grade Stainless steel it would most likely rust extremely quick.. If It were me I would not allow it in or near my tank.. FWIW Darin over at has a nice digital thermometer for like 30$ or so.. It works nice.. The only metal that I would allow near my tank in Titanium...

An for a couple bucks more you could just get a won pro heat II, titanium heater w/ a digital therometer :D
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