Do you think she is pregnant ?

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Jan 31, 2011
Cleethorpes uk
I bought 2 swordtails 1 male and 1 female from the LFS and I'm not sure she is pregnant please can anyone tell me from the pic please ?


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Doesn't show very well but she is getting darker behind her belly
Thats not a swordtail, its a Mickey Mouse Platy. If you get a side shot of her it would be easier to tell but it looks like she could be.
She has been acting strange this morning. She's been wiggling quite a lot, does anyone know if this is normal please ?
She won't be wiggling around to have the fry, more so floating and wanting to be left alone. Depends on the fish, if you know there personality and they never wiggle there is something going on, if you recently got it who knows.
She still having babies up to about 60-70 now think we need a bigger tank!!
Actually, it looks more like a swordtail than a platy. But I think they are so crossbred that it's hard o figure exactly what they are
Little babies


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I have seen mickey mouse sword tails!It is a possibility it's a sword tail. I've seen them in stores! Congratulations on the new fry!
Congrats. :)

A LOT of those fry will be eaten if they are still in the same tank. Some fry seem to be more adept at hiding than others (natural selection at work) so while I would expect some to survive you won't get the number you have seen born reaching maturity unless separated.
The little babies are all in our separate baby tank so they are safe from hungry big fish :)
There around 88 hours old now and 50 - 60 are still going strong. I just bought them some tetramin baby food for them and I have some brine shrimp eggs that I hatch and feed them.
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