Does anyone know what the flow direction is for the Aqua One Nautilus canis

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Oct 13, 2022
Hi. What is the flow direction for the Aqua One Nautilus 1400 canister filter please? Is it top to bottom or bottom to top? The manual does not state it. Thank you in advance for your help.
Update. Aqua-One replied to my question and said the following:
Thanks for reaching out. The Nautilus 1400 water flows into the canister and down to the bottom, then up through the media, where it then leaves the canister from the top of the filter. The easiest way to check the flow of the filter is to check the way the media is set-up, with the water always going through the coarsest first, through to the finest.

I do hope this helps

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Team Aqua One
At least you know.

I disagree with their recommended media set up. It should go mechanical > biological > chemicial. The mechanical should go coarser to finer, but they have mechanical last.


The way they set up their media, detritus is going to gunk up the biological media before the sponges and polishing pad has chance to trap it.

I would use the bottom tray with sponge and a polishing pad on top and fill the top 2 trays with biomedia. If you plan on chemical media, then top tray.
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