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I have a reef and use kalkwasser and calcium, but if you don't have coral pulling those out of the water them sniperhank is correct. I do add vibrant every other week, but most people wouldn't consider that dosing.
Thanks guys that's what I thought. I have hears that it's possible to run a large system without wc. Is that possible and I assume you would need to dose in that situation.
When it comes to all aquariums, the larger the system the larger its ability to manage issues. The solution is dilution in this hobby. You can simply get away with not doing water changes for a longer period of time...what my belief of what 'old tank syndrome' really is. Because even when you are dosing, what is removing the bad?
I personally have a protein skimmer, nitrate media, and an algae turf scrubber on my tank. I haven't done a water change in a year because of it. Just because I did it does not make it right! It has been an entire year battling other issues like aiptasia. Once things were under control...a large water change and things all come back to life. It doesn't do that for no reason...
What's an algae scrubber and how do they work? Heard of them but not seen one or understand how they work.
It is a screen that has water running over it with red light blasting on it. It grows algae there, but does it so well it out competes anything that would want to grow in the display. So you just scrape the algae off into the trash can to remove nitrates.
Oh ok is it something you can buy ready to go or do you make them yourself. Do you have any pics that you can shoe me please? Would really appreciate it. Thanks
I don't have any pictures of mine. This one was a pricey commercial version that replaced the DIY one I had on my former tank. There are not many on the market and the ones that are are kinda pricey. Most people DIY them.
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