dwarf african frogs vs. african clawed frogs

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Oct 25, 2003
Hello, I just joined- sounds like just what I'm looking for. My son has what we were told was a dwarf african frog. He's had it for over two years. It has grown HUGE probably about six inches long. When researching it, I found a website which said that the dwarf african frogs actually stay small, while the ones that grow large and don't have webbed front feet are actually african clawed frogs. Recently, it has not seemed interested in food where before it would practically hit its head on the tank cover at feeding time. We moved it to a bigger tank thinking it was cramped because it grew so fast, but it's still the same. My theory is that it quit growing and therefore doesn't need as much food. We have been feeding it sinking pellets and dried bloodworms. Should we try a different kind of food? Does anyone know how long these live?
When I first setup our 46g, we bought a 'dwarf' at the lfs. However, he eventually got very large. I began tossing in a half dozen rosey red feeders a week to give him food and exercise. He would attack anything that moved. He eventually climbed up the filter ramp and jumped out of the tank and was removed from our house by popular demand.
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