Ecosystem hang on back filter 40 question

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Nov 22, 2003
Long Island NY
I was looking through a drsfostersmith and saw an Ecosystem hang on back filter system 40. It is a wet/dry and refugium. I have a 30 gal that has been set up for almost 2 years. I don't have room for a sump , but a hob refugium would be ok. they have a regular one and a pro series. They seem a little expensive, but maybe I can find a used one. Does anyone have one and is it worth having one? Would this take the place of my skimmer? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
You have me guessing. I looked at the product online and it sounds good in theory. I'm still a little sketchy on what miracle mud is though, so I went searching the web with the help of a variety of search engines. I had no luck. I found only one review of the product. This person claimed it was most excellent. But keep in mind that review was posted on a site that was trying to sell you the product. Plus the whole unit - to me - seemed a little pricey.
Sorry but that's the best I have for you - Good luck and keep us posted :scrambleup:
I am approaching the 2week mark for a 70gal FOWLR setup and I am using the Ecosystem Pro60.

Per my own searching on this forum, local fish store advice and other Internet research; I decided *not* to use the miracle mud. The general consensus was people saw no real benefit of the miracle mud and if they had to do it over they would not use it.

FWIW, I am using "plain" argonite substrate in the refugium with about 2lbs of very branch-like live rock and various macro algae on a reverse lighting schedule.
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