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Mar 9, 2005
Ontario, Canada
Hi guys,

Does anybody own a 2213? What do you think of it. I have an opportunity to buy one "previously enjoyed".

Thanks! :D
I think that if the price is right, and unless the 2213 in question is more than 10-15 years old, you ought to snap it up. If this is for your 30gal I think it would be a great filter. I am a big fan of Eheim and if you don't mind the minor inconvenience the classic series poses in terms of maintenance (less of an issue with the 2213) it is a powerful, quiet filter that will go and go and go for years. You won't be sorry :D
Hi- just thought I'd chime in...I had a Eheim 2213 running on my 20 gallon planted for almost 1 year...I loved it- no problems, deathly silent, kept the water sparkling clean, which was a feat considering that the tank had several large freshwater fish in it...I recommend it....Hope this helps!
Got it!!! The filter is almost new, this lady only used it or 8 months and it's been disconnected for a few weeks no. She gave me the manuals and the receipt!!! There is still 15 months left in the manufacturer guarantee. I got the filter, a 25 ft Python and a whole bunch of good fish food for CDN$100. I think I made a decent deal. What do you think?

Now, here is the real question: the filter still has the media and whatever-it-is-that-it-has inside -including water! I want to install it in my 30 gal, along with the biowheel for the time being, until it is cycled and then I may or may not disconnect the bioweel (May be I leave it in there for the QTT). But I have to clean it first. I can take it apart (she gave me te manual). And then... how do I clean the parts? What parts should i buy new and which ones should I clean and re-use?

Thanks guys! 8)
It likely contains white pads on top (toss these) and then some rigid media, ehfisubstrat or noodles or something like that, then some coarse pads. The pads and the rigid media can be used over and over again, for many years. I would consider using boiling water on the rigid media and nuking the pads for maybe 10 seconds to be sure there is nothing iffy carrying over. Chances are there is nothing scary residing in there but you never know.

I do not buy the expensive white disposable floss pads, but I use regular poly filter floss in the bag, and just stuff a wad of it in the top. I've been doing that for years without any difficulty.

Edit: There may be a carbon pad in there and I'd toss that, as well, as it is no longer functional, other than being a place for biobugs to reside.
OK. So I open it and all this nasty rotten water filled with black blobs comes out of it. I'm not surprised after a few weeks of being left aside with the tank water inside, but I'm really disgusted!!!!! :morning:

As TG suggested I'll pour some boiling water over the rigid media, and I'll rinse and nuke the rigid pad. As for the rest, canister, hoses, etc. Can I use a mild chlorine solution and then rinse and rinse and rinse again with conditioner solution?

It is really yuk-ky!!!
Sounds like you need yourself some brushes. Usually PetsMart or whatever LFS near you will carry a set of brushes designed for hoses - Fluval makes them or Eheim makes them, probably others - any of them will work. I use a scrub pad on the canister itself, and you could probably use an extremely weak bleach solution on that.

I'd hesitate to use bleach on the vinyl tubing, but I have coiled the tubes into a wide tub and poured water just off the boil into it, so the tubes soak in extremely hot water, rendering them soft for a while, but dislodging a lot of the gunk. This stuff slows the flow and should be dealt with periodically but is otherwise likely not dangerous. Brushes make this process a lot easier.

One trick with the brushes for hoses longer than the handle is to tie a long piece of fishing line or even string to the end of the brush with a fishing weight that will fit very loosely inside the tubing. Drop that in first and shove the brush down. When you run out of handle the fishing weight should be dangling out the other end of the hose. Give that a pull and that will run the brush through the entire hose.

Lordy my posts are long - I need to get out more... :oops:
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