eheim filter noise question

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Nov 26, 2008
I have been running my Eheim 2213 filter for about 2 months now and it just started making nose. Before it used to be almost silent but now its making a sort of crackling or grinding noise.

Anyone have the same problem with their filter? Do you know how to fix it?
I've never owned an Eheim canister, but the first thing I would try is to clean the impeller and the impeller well (the area the impeller sits in). I would also make sure the impeller was securely seated when putting it back in, some motor assemblies allow for the impeller to piston in the well. In my experience that covers most abnormal noises in filter motors.
I have a Rena XP 2 that was spitting air. It was driving us nuts.
I checked everything and couldn't find a leak. Put new vinyl hoses on it,
cleaned the impeller assy, re lubed the o-rings & seals.
The original hoses wee opaque. The vinyl ones are clear, when I lookied
at the intake hase while it was pumping, I could see air bubbles. So I taped it up.

Here is my first thread:

Then I found ABOUT where the leak was:

It was a primitive fix but till I can order a new intake neck it'll do.

Good luck
I replaced the impeller shaft and it fixed the problem
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