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Ya I was thinking if i can get mine to about 3-4 inches before bringing in the others. But I might do it earlier. If they get to aggressive I guess I can always rehome them.

You have blue genes right?
Yep...here are a couple. Just sold my first batch to lfs last week. Have another 25 or so left.

Just fed bbs for the first time last night. Happiest little guys ever now!

the first pic does not really look like a JD to me... it looks more round or something. Weird. How old are the newest batch of guys you have?
I know...and they're very gold too. Definitely ebxjd. And I have another spawning from ebxbg thats about 3 weeks free swimming. Thats the ones in the last pic. Then last night my pair spawned again and seems like a massive gang of eggs. Will be removing them this morning.
Dang you just have a little breeding magic going on at you place. I will definitly be buying some bgjd from you when the time is right. Im hoping within a couple months, but it all depends on their growth...

I have been feeding Blood worms twice a day to the little guys. Got any ideas for other foods that will speed growth?

I like to rotate bloodworms, brine shrimp, glassworms, and beef heart. Then micro hikara(sp?) Cichlid pellets mixed in when im feeling lazy....and here's an updated pic of a little guy I think is an EB

sure does look like it with those little blue stripes on the back of his body. Will that be your first little EBJD?
I assume you switch those off daily? or every feeding? Is feeding twice a day to much or is it ok now since they are babies?

Very first baby blue! And twice a day is good...even 3 smaller portions...i usually do some flake or pellets in the morning. Then, rotate the frozen for "dinner". Then a bit more flake or pellets before bed. Obviously thats if they're eating it all
Due to my job time restrictions i cant feed them in the morning. So I will replace this with an early afternoon feeding during my lunch hour. This schedule should work huh.

1st feeding 11am - Switch up frozen foods like you

2nd feeding 4pm - A dash of flake food

3rd feeding 10pm - Frozen food/pellets

What you think?
Sounds perfectly fine! Also start looking into getting setup to hatch baby brine shrimp if your not already. And the only other keys to growth than food are space and frequent water changes. I do about 25% at a time to avoid stress. At least once a week. Also leave tanks open so im always adding water due to evaporation.

Ya like I said it is a 90 gallon tank that will eventually be for the 2 EBJD's and im thinking 3 or 4 of your BGJD's and hopefully get a pair off. Once the pair off takes place ill rehome all others.

Currently though just go the 2 EBJD's 2 Bala 1 RT Shark and 2 Tigar Barbs. Should I rehome all the others except the EBJD's to stimulate faster growth?

I have a little 15 gallon that I can use for the brine shrimp setup. How hard is that going to be? lol
The only fish i'd be worried it about would be the tiger barbs actually...they can be quite nippy and are super fast! I'd say just keep a real close eye on your EB's(as im sure you already are). And play it by ear...if you notice any torn fins or anything get rid of the other fish. You could keep them in the 15 g if your attached to them cause you don't necessarily need a tank for the brine shrimp.
ya I was thinking about just keeping my EBJD's alone in the 90 but its nice for them to have some friends... I'll see what happens most likely will rehome the barbs along with others in tank. just so i can start feeding less!!!

It seems like all of them are just devouring all the food that I put in there within seconds....
Yeah..gotta make sure the EB's are getting enough...i'd say rehome the others, and if you want some "friends" for them, get a couple guppies for them to chase and maybe a loach or cory to keep the bottom clean and eat up leftover food.
Well the Blues seem to always getting most of the food. I mean they all get a little but mostly goes to the blues. lol. They are quite aggressive.

By just having the two of them in the tank alone will/could that speed up growth rate?

My water is at about 80 degrees.
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