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The more I look at my fish the more I'm confused on how big they are. Ha.

I would say the smallest of the 2 EBJD's is prob about 3 inches, and the larger one perhaps 3.25"-3.5".

Do you recommend the 1"ers or the 1/2"ers?

How fast will those 1"ers grow? I am going to assume mine are male, so Can you tell if your BGJD's are female?

Ya start doing your research on shipping. I will be out of town next week so we have some time for planning and what not.

I was thinking Paypal? Set up a thing on Ebay or something? I can do mail you a check. Whatever works.
Yes I should be able to rehome the extras if you decide to send them.

The tank is 90 gallons. and I got the 2 EBJD's so what you think...

4 Female BGJD's


6 Female BGJD's

You are the one that has paired them off ha Im new at this.

Well...what I was thinking! Since I'm not sure I'll be able to pick out females...I was thinking send you 10(that i hope are females) and you pay the shipping and whatever you suppose its worth to you...given this be kind of a trial run on my end
Holy crap. I donno if I need 10... I was thinking like 6 at the most.

I guess I can always take them out though.
Mine usually take 6-8 months or so before they really mature and hit that color / growth spurt. I have 7 or 8 bgjd that are about 6 weeks currently, debating on trading them for another line of bg., the last batch I got didn't have any bg females in it.

What have you found out about shipping and what not. I am back in town now for a couple weeks then will be out of town for a month lol.

Let me know what you find out. I think its time to introduce some ladies to my boys.

Three Months old
Alright. Well after lots of consideration I have come to a conclusion.

I am going to start two tanks. 1 with my first two EBJD's hopefully breeding with a regular JD.

My second tank with the 4 small EBJD's from a different line breeding with a BGJD.

Then crossing the fry from those two together EBJD x BGJD! Thus hopefully producing fry from parents of a EBJD x JD and EBJD x BGJD. Thus producing fry that are strong because they have both JD genes.

Meaning that my final breeding pair being non related and BGJD x EBJD.

I think im on the right track here in producing great lines.

Any advice or thoughts?

All my fish now. 2 Bala Sharks, 2 Tigar Barbs, 1 Retail Shark 2 EBJD's at about 3.5 Months old and 4 EBJD's at about 2 Weeks old. (Time I have had them)
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