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Apr 3, 2009
Columbus, OH
I am new to the wet/dry/sump thing. I changed from canisters to a wet/dry filter when I set up a new 120 gallon freshwater African cichlid tank. I like the ease of sumps compared to breaking down and cleaning canisters!

I got a used Proclear 200 rated to 200 gallon or 900gph. I have 2 Mag 7 pumps running each internal overflow box (rated to 600gph). Are 2 Mag 7's too much for this sump? I'm thinking of building my own sump to get even more water volume.

Most of the research I've done into DIY sumps usually are meant for SW tanks. Does anyone have any good DIY sumps for freshwater? I don't need protein skimmers, etc. I may want an additional area as a quarantine section for any beat up/new fish.

Thanks for your help!
The sump concept is the same irrespective of fresh or salt. It just gives more water volume, a place to hide equipment among other things. The thing you DON'T want to do is to pursue the 'QT section' concept. The idea behind the QT is to isolate the fish from any possible contamination of the display. The QT environment should not ever enter the display. You may use the display water to fill the QT but never the other way.

No real rule to the sump. Drain down, flow thru, pump back. With as many chambers are you want, bubble traps or not, filter sock or not, etc etc
I guess I will stay away from the quarantine idea.

As for the sump, with dual overflows do I need a sump with 2 intakes or do I tee from the pump to the overflows? What purpose does the bubble trap serve? Is this where the foam insert is used?
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