Euro-Reef RS250 Protein Skimmer NO MORE

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Jun 27, 2009
St. Petersburg, Fl
I found out that the Euro-Reef RS 250 Protein is no longer being manufactuered. They have a new model called the RSA 250.2. This is supposed to be an improved 250, using 2 modified Sedra pumps. (of course, it's $200.00 more that tne RS250).

Anyway, I should get one in the next week or so, and will let you know what I think.
Euro-Reef RSA 250.2 Update

Sorry it’s been a while since my post here. But, before I wrote a review on the Euro-Reef RSA250.2 Protein Skimmer, I wanted a chance to let it get completely broken in and running. So, here’s my 2 cents:

I’m not going into how the RSA 250.2 skimmer was packed, just let me say it was overkill so there’s not a problem. The price seems high to me at a Suggested Retail Price of $749.95. I did not pay full price for mine and probably would have been scared away at that price. But now that I have one and have seen prices of other competing quality brands, I think the price is fair (OK, maybe a little steep) for the quality, efficiency and commitment that Euro-Reef seems to have to their customers. And I’m willing to bet, the actual cost would be lower. Guess I’m not seeing why all these skimmers (not just Euro-Reef) are so expensive for what they are. But I did do the usual mistake of trying to cut corners with my old skimmers, only to replace them later. I believe this skimmer will last a very long time. I attached a few pictures of the final assembly so you can see it.

Euro-Reef has changed their marketing approach. To help support the LFS’s, they no longer sell to the Big Internet distributors. You can still find them on the internet (at least the old models), but it’s getting harder. You can find what stores sell their products from their site at:

Here are the specs directly from Euro-Reef:

Rated for aquarium systems of +/- 280 gallons with a medium bio-load
Compares to other skimmers rated from 500 to 1000 gallons
Space required for skimmer in filter/ sump: 15" x 11"
Overall Height: 30”
Reaction chamber diameter: 8 "
Reaction chamber volume: 3.69 gallons
Inlet size: 1"
Outlet size: 1.5”
Ideal operating water depth: 6.5" constant
Max operating water depth: 9"
Pump (included): (2) SP3 Euro-Reef modified SEDRA KSP5000 water pump
Pump power consumption: 80 Watts @ 115/120 VAC 60hz
Air intake: 1080-1200 lph
Water flow through rate under specified operating conditions: +/-500 gph.

This skimmer is BIG, really big. It’s footprint in the sump is 16” X 11”. They say 15” x 11”, but the plumbing actually makes it 16” x 11”. Height is 30” tall. The construction is very high quality using high quality materials. It is powered by 2 pin wheel modified SEDRA KSP5000 pumps that seem heavy and sturdy. The Reaction Chamber uses a slip collar type attachment to the body. This means you do not have to have any room above the skimmer to remove the reaction chamber for cleaning. I have found it be very easy to remove and clean.

When I first started it up, it was noisy, sounding like a small vacuum cleaner running. After about an hour and a half of operation, the noise suddenly stopped and it is very quiet. It’s been quiet ever since. It takes a little while to get it adjusted correctly and I needed to keep an eye on it the first couple of weeks to prevent overflows.

As far as efficiency, I’m very impressed. I bought this to replace 2 Berlin X2 Venturi skimmers I was running on my 180 gal. reef system. The Euro-Reef RSA 250.2 has pulled more dark gunk from my water in 1 week than the 2 Berlins’ did in 2 months.

Before I bought this skimmer I checked reviews of many, many other brands and really did not see anything negative about the Euro-Reef line (except for a few complaints of the old GEN-X pumps they used to use). I personally can’t say anything about the other brands, since I have never used them. But I’d give this skimmer a 9.5 rating out of 10. I have to ding Euro-Reef a little since the instructions were for the old model and the output plumbing has completely changed on the new model. I e-mailed them a photo of the assembled product to be sure I had it assembled correctly. They replied the next day telling me I had it right. Very helpful support.


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