Fake Corals - Good Idea?

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Wow ,..having a reef tank with fake coral in it would be like going to the zoo to see plastic animals,....the whole idea is TRYING to maintain a semi natural environment in your living room,...and growing coral etc is just part of the game.
I guess the bottom line would be to do whatever makes you happy.... Enjoy the tank regardless.

My as well buy fake fish to throw in there as well.

Its a really good idea to read the first post ;) you guys will understand a whole lot more from this thread than just reading the last post. Keyword: FO
I was never a big fan of fake plants in all my Fresh water tanks. I don't think I'd be a fan of fake corals (never have seeing any). If your looking for deco, I'd consider something else.
Atlantis themed deco? shipwreck? Or even real driftwood (waterlogged).
It comes down to what you like to see for deco
Since everyone is off topic, I'd like to chime in again. How about a Disco Ball? I could just see the crazy light show going on in that aquarium. If this doesn't put an end to this thread nothing will. Ha Ha
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