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Jan 18, 2006
Lafayette, Indiana
I was wondering about adding a feather duster to my tank. I had one once before but he didn't make it. I never saw him once I put him in the tank. I don't know what happened to it. What are you thoughts?
29 gal
1 blue damsel
1 4 striped damsel
1 yellow tail damsel
1 six lined wrasse
1 goby?
3 hermit crabs
some snails
1 chocolate chip star
Dusters are filter feeders and the only thing they need is decent water quality. Excessivly clean water will not permit them to feed properly. The key is to make sure they are properly acclomated and have moderate water flow around them. You can target feed them with phytoplankton food if you wish.
I had one that did great, another died within a week. They seem to be weird creatures. I don't know if the CC star or hermits will bother it, but I would try another on, drip acclimate for 2 hours, and see what happens. Not to be cruel, but at least they only cost $15 if it doesn't make it.

Also, make sure that no air gets trapped in their tube while moving them into the tank.
I have two feather dusters. The first one I got is a champ, he's huge and does well. He's dug himself into the LR nicely and seems to being doing fine. I target feed him DT's plankton.

My second feather duster was smaller and fell victim to my black spiny sea urchin. I came home one day and the urchin was eating a peice of his crown that he had torn off. After that I didn't see my duster for the longest time. This Sunday when we were doing a water change and general tank clean I told my boyfriend that we should pull the duster out cuz I thought it was dead. Well, we pulled him out but he wasn't dead so we relocated him to a better spot and he actually came out later that day. It was the first time we had seen his crown since the "munching incident". The crown was smaller but it will grow.

I love my feather dusters, I love watching them come out and spread their little "fingers" everywhere.

I don't have any stars in my tank, but I have read that chocolate chip stars eat stuff...so beware.
I've had my tank for 1 year and 4 months now and I still think my tank is not worthy to have a feather duster yet. I have yet to learn more.

I did used to have a feather duster when I first started. I didn't know much at that time, if at all. My white spotted puffer just munched at it dead. That white spotted puffer died during the hypo salinity treatment...rest in peace, my brother.
Well, I rushed to lfs after work and got my feather duster. So far it is doing just fine. No one seems to be bothering him and everytime the chip star gets close I move him.
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