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black hills tj

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Apr 8, 2007
black hills, south dakota
Hey everyone,

How do the pennplax cascade power filters compare to the tetra whisper power filters? If I had the cash I'd pick up an Aquaclear without a doubt, but they are a little pricy for me right now.


If you get a whisper just get 2 smaller ones for your tank and ditch their material and shove the hagen media into them. My whisper (came with 10gallon) holds the AQ 20 stuff just fine only missing the "basket" makes it into a much better filter than with their carbon bag setup
erm...thanks I guess. I guess maybe I need to rephrase the question.

Which have you had/heard better experiences with, pennplax cascade power filters or tetra whisper power filters?
well im my experience i've only delt with whisper and AQ power filters (the fluval being my first canister). I must say the whispers have never given me issues at all, usually cheap media and move decent amounts of water. The only issue i've had with a whisper was the pump stopped for a bit (got clogged and the exact same thing happened to my aq30 as well) but some good cleaning both work just like new.

what i meant in my first post was that if you had a whisper and were thinking of replacing (was preassuming you had bought a kit my bad assumption). whats your price range if i can ask and if you have a petsmart local the stores will price match their website (usually a bit cheaper on most everything)
petsmart is supposed to open in the middle of june. Price range...i'd like to spend 10-20ish before shipping. If i was going to spend any more i'd just go all out and get an Aquaclear 70.
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