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Dec 16, 2008
Atlanta Ga
Ok so setting up my 55g tank at end of Jan. When i move into new house. Well still trying to get all componets together. Not sure what to do about filtration.

I have decided to use plastic plants as plants are not something i wish to tackle with just yet.

I was leaning toward an aquaclear 110 pump. Or for the 110g aquariums. To much? not enough? guy at petstore was also telling me its good to use powerheads? how do these work? and he said you can have them just suck water from bottom of tank and bring it to top of tank.....Then i was thinking with that filter and powerhead....that would be a crapton of water moving around....too much so for the fish?

Sorry so random a post....more questions to come. Thanks!
Dont think i want a canister. I like the idea of a filter hanging on the back actually......these bad or something?
Not as efficient as a canister but if you don't mind looking at it hanging on the back, an HOB can be a fine filter.
For a 55 Gallon tank, I suggest instead of one big HOB filter on the back, get two smaller ones that would each be good for a 55 gallon. It's more effiecent I think.

Yes the canister filter is always the best, but they are fairly expensive. I suggest this filter, it's brand new to the market. Whisper just came out with it. It looks slick and has tons of awesome features you'll have to read about on the page of the link I give you. Well HERE is the link.

You would get more effiecent filtering with two of the 45 gallon ones, but i'm sure you could get away with one of the 70 gallon ones.
Moved to General Hardware and Equipment. For that tank an Aqua clear is an excellent choice. It has a large media basket. I too would recommend 2 filters rather that one if you don't want a cannister. I have a 55 gal Tangynikan tank and I run a fluval 404 and an emporer 280 with no powerheads.

As for the water movement with a powerhead and filter, it would depend on what kind of fish you plan on keeping. Some of your community fish would not enjoy that much current.
I've had a 40 gal tank for years with a few big goldfish and some other various little fish like mollies and tetras, the only filters Ive had was a cheapo aqua-tech 20/40 on the end and a big home made sponge filter in the corner hooked to a little air pump.

The water has always been nice and clear, that's saying a lot for a goldfish tank.

I recently got a case of greenwater (dunno where it came from after all these yrs, probably hitched a ride in on some coon tail plants I tossed in there from the pet store.) so now I am trying out a UV sterilizer.

All things being equal with no greenwater to fight, You can probably just start out easy with a similar overflow filter like I have and a good sized sponge filter for the biological filter effect, which does a lot to keep the water clean on its own.

as Mr.Zags sez, depends on what kinda fih your keeping.
a tank full of little fish wont be as much of an issue as a pair of poopfish.. er I mean goldfish.

a powerhead in a 55 tank will make no still place for the fish to rest unless its turned down to just make the water circulate.

Some fish dont like moving water, so what kinda fish are you planning on?
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