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Mar 8, 2014
After 4 plus years of research I think I am almost ready to start my first tank. However, with all this research it is almost impossible to determine what I need for filtration since no two books agree it seems.
I am going to run a 55g system with at least 75 lbs of live rock. I do not have room for a sump and that is where my issue starts. I know I need a protein skimmer but what other filtration beside skimmer and live rock will be required to be successful?
A 55g isn't a good footprint for a reef. I've read people say they hate theirs,
Some love it. I think it's because it's thinner then most.
A 55 is a fine tank for a reef. It is what I'm running, though I can't wait to go larger later on. Going with a skimmer and enough live rock, 1 lbs per gallon, will be good enough to run things. Just make sure you are ontop of your water changes and keeping nitrates as low as possible.
Thanks. Was what I thought just making sure. Keep seeing people talking about canisters but they seem to add problems instead of helping depending on who you talk to
I'm using 2 filters that hang on the back and 2 small skimmers. Seem to be fine.
Can't remember the models. I'll check when I get home and let you know.
I started FOWLR and am just starting to convert to reef

I have 75 lb live rock
50 lb live gravel/sand
2 400 gph circ pumps
2 small skimmers and the 2 hob filters
ImageUploadedByAquarium Advice1394319779.453948.jpg
This is what I'm running on a 44 gal marineland 280 reef octopuse 100 44 lbs of live rock and 40 of sand 1 wp25 and 1 wp10 I alternate day and night
I have a 55 gal fowlr right now as well. I have 50 lbs of live rock , a protein skimmer and an eheim 2227 canister filter. All 3 combined my system is crystal clear. Canisters a great filters you just need to make sure you stay on top on water changers and rinsing the filters pads in tank water every 1-2 weeks not that bad
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