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Jul 20, 2004
Hello everyone,
I'm new to the saltwater arena, and what I'm looking for is any advice as to which is the best type of filter. What I'm looking to do is start out with a fish only setup and possible move to a reef setup. The tank size is going to be any were from 30 to 40 gallons. I know that filters mostly have to with what people prefer, but I also known that there has to be one brand out there that is considered top of the line. So, if anyone has any helpfull information it will be much appreciated. Thank you from me and my future fish.
Read the getting started section of the forum, peeps ask about filtration all the time. If you are an average person you'll start with a crushed coral subsrtrate and run either a canister or wet/dry filter for a while. Then you'll get tired of the nitrate problems and will be (reluctantly) convinced to switch to deep sand bed with live rock filtration. Then you'll be happy. So might as well start with it from the get-go and save a lot of time and money. :)
Yep, the best 'filter' in a salt tank is live rock. It's the natural filter in the ocean, and with the increased popularity of it's use, people have been able to keep species of fish that, 30 years ago, were unable to be kept alive in captivity. Now some of these species thrive because they're in the correct surroundings.

Instead of spending $100 on a nice canister, put that towards live rock.

As for your tank size, the bigger, the better.
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