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Sep 11, 2005
hi guys
i have done a bit of reasearch on setting up a marine tank, however not too much so please excuse my ignorence
i was wondering about filtration, if i were to put in a redomended amount of llive rock (which i dont know yet) into a 35gal tank along with an internal protien skimmer is there any need for a filter as i have read the live rock does some filtration on its own. Also i know seaweed is important for something but not sure what? as i do not intend on building a slump would i need to pack my tank with it??
Thanks a lot your help is really needed here
If LR is going to be your main source of filtration (which is should) then you need 1.5 - 2.0 lbs per gallon. In my 40 gallon tank I have 60lbs+ of LR. We have a great write-up about this type of filtration method (called the Berlin method) in our article section. Here is the link:

Seaweed is typically only used to feed the plant only eating animals in your tank. For example if you want to keep Tangs (a 35 gallon isn't big enough for Tangs but I'm using them as an example) many people will rubberband a piece of seaweed to a rock so that the Tank can "snack" on it throughout the day.

A sump is a good is a good place to house your equipment to keep it out of sight of the tank. I have my heater, protein skimmer, water topoff device, carbon media, etc... in my sump. Some people also use a sump as a refugium to help with nutrient export. We have another good piece on refugiums in our article section located here:
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