finally got my 55 gal up!!

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Yeah, something that small might work a little better, I was thinking like egg-crate.
That screen will probably diffuse your light a bit though.
Yeah, I made a couple to go over my in- tank overflows to shield light from getting in. Worked great!! Now I don't get any algea in the boxes or in the teeth of the overflows. I usually had to clean the teeth every 2 weeks or so cause my water level would start to get right to the rim. Now I don't ever have to clean the teeth. I made it overhang the teeth of the box by about an inch and I get no algea there whatsoever. One of the better ideas I've had!! Now looking at the side of the tank, the boxes are nice and clean. Only things in there are sponges.
Do you have a picture of what you did to the overflow? Sounds like a good idea.
Another benefit I've found from them is that my big Turbos and other snails can't get in there to get stuck in my drains. I don't have any strainers on them cause I didn't want to restrict any flow. Hermits can't fit either if they managed to scale the wall. Now that I think about it nothing but really small stuff can get back there!! Fish or anything else.
Yea man thanks a lot could be some thing to do in the future, I just got my skimmer and now idk how the hell to do this.
I got a hang on and thought it would be able to fit in my sump like hang it from the side but no luck.
Yea but I'm going to make a canopy for my tank that will cover it and won't be able to see it
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