finally got my 55 gal up!!

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Ok sounds good, I just started it so im going to see how it's going and then 2mm I'll adjust of anything, right now what its doing is the bubbles are at the top and barely coming into the cup so I guess that sounds good.
Ok and if its right I should be emptying the cup how many times a week?
Mines hooked up to an external collection cup, but I would think once or twice a week at most. If its not a really wet skim.
Ok I have to tune mine then because last night it filled up the cup
I empty my skimmer cups every other day or so and I get a nasty thick skim from my tanks. As your skimmer breaks in more and the tank stabilizes you will be able to really fine tune the skimmer to get what you want out of it. :)
Ok sounds good I also have another question, is my skimmer supposed to be on 24/7
Ok just wanted to make sure, I can't believe these skimmers are this good just one night and I just emptied a whole cup of dirty water.
Just wait... What comes out of mine is disgusting, looks like spoiled green cream!! And I don't even want to say what it smells like. :)
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