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Jan 19, 2006
i recently got a firefish and after 3 days maybe 4 it started hiding all the time in a cave in the lr is this normal is there any thing i can do he dosnt rilly come out to eat even if im luck i get to see it 5min a day also any advice will be aprisheated
There's another thread this is being discussed in. Mine was out all the time for months. Lately, he just hangs out in the rockwork. I hadn't seen him for 3 days then today I caught a glimpse of him swimming under some rock. If your fish is being harassed it will hide. Mine isn't being bothered at all that I can tell, it just likes the rockwork. It kinda sucks, but I get excited now when I see him just because he's not dead.
I put mine in the tank and it disappeared for a week. Now it is out all the time. Don't worry you will soon see more of your fish.
They also come in purple and the ultracool heilfriech(sp?).


GREAT pic how did you manage to get it so clear? I have one also that I got not to long ago. About a week or so and he was out all the timne now he is kinda staying in the rockwork a little but he is still out most of the time. Here is mine... Oh just curious how much did you guys pay for yours?

I PAYD 20 as for who i got such a good pis first i tryd every setting on my camera when i found the one that wookd best(under water setting) then i took about 200 pics to make shure i got a good one (it was the 3rd one i took buy fare the best of 200

p.s. my camera is cheep its a matter of try try try try try try again
I have a cannon that cost 750 bucks so it should be fairly easy to get a good shot lol. Well I got a better one oh and I got mine for $7.00 I was suprised. It was cause they were getting a shipment of them in the next day. here is a better pic...

I know. but when you get the response in an e mail out of context, it looks like he means the camera. The question was sarcasm, but typed responses don't always come across that way.
lol ya no belive me we are paying for the camera. Every month. *sigh* Anyway I notice we get stuff a lot cheaper than a lot of people on this site. Must be location.
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