For Sale: Fire red and red cherry shrimp

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Mar 14, 2011
  • Red Cherry Shrimp juvies (1/2-3/4 in)-$1 each or 20 for $16 (Over 80 available.)

  • Fire Red Shrimp juvies (same size as RCS)-$3 each (about 20 available)
Can also send java moss or red cabomba upon request for $2 (I will cover extra weight added, raising shipping cost)
Priority shipping is $6-13 depending on quantity. Express is $15-25. I can ship anywhere in the continental US. I use styrofoam lined boxes. For a precise price quote, list what you want, the quantity, and your zip code. I ship Mondays and Wednesdays. If you need a cold pack, it's an extra $3. I accept checks mailed or paypal, but checks need to be sent in advance before planned ship date. If you need me to ship a different day, just let me know. If you are near me around Des Moines, Iowa, you can come pick them up.
Below are pictures of fire red adults
Thanks for looking!
Here are some pictures of the normal red cherries:


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Still have lots of both kinds. I feed them Fluval Shrimp pellets.
Fire reds are sold out. I am out of cabomba also. I still have about 30 RCS left. I am going to PM you.
I'm interested...for some reasons I can't pm(my phone does this sometimes;)) but if you still have them please pm me:)
As of today I have about 70 left, but I need to keep at least 20 to maintain the colony, so I can sell about 50 more.
To be clear on the DOA policy:
If there is a DOA you must send me a picture of the shrimp still in the bag within 30 minutes of delivery. The reason it must be within 30 minutes is so that I can rule out the shrimp being left out in the hot/cold temperatures for too long as a cause of the death.
Also, I cannot ship priority to you unless your temperatures are 70-90 degrees for when they will arrive. If it is too hot in your area, I can only ship express until it cools down. This is because cold packs typically only last for about 24 hours. And what I mean by "any delays by the postal service are not my fault" is that if the package is delayed, I can't cover a DOA (but usually they are fine if they are delayed a day or two.)
How many do you have left? I got back from vacation and have the tank set up for them, let me know!
I have a lot more babies now. I will need to get some out of my tank. lol. I am offering a package of 50 for $50 shipped. PM me for more details.
I'm going to make a new thread with new prices and new info. I can't edit this one anymore because it's old.
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