Firefish Gobies

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Could depend on what sized tank and if they were introduced at the same time. W/that said, QTing two of these in a smaller tank could be a problem in the first place.

How about a mated pair of either instead of one of both? I think the purple is much prettier, IMO.
Also, some people think because they are simliar they will school together....not likely. I had 2 reds and they always hung out side by side, I loved to watch them. Until one disappeared one day :cry:
I wanted to add another Firefish to my tank but I was told
if they were not inroduced at the same time then you might have problems.
I had a purple FF and a fire goby in my 125 reef. They lived in the same home for 6-8 months then one day the PFF started beating up the FG. They lived in different homes after that. IMO I would not put them in the same tank unless its a large tank with a lot of LR for hiding places.
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