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Sep 28, 2004
Just put in a firefish this morning around 11 in the morning. Decided to go with it as my first fish. It was swimming around, etc. Hiding in the live rock and stuff. Then I went to do laundry. Grabbed lunch. Came back about 4:30...and I haven't seen him since! I heard they jump out of tanks so I searched the area around the tank, and he's not there. Where could this guy have gone? Anyone have experience like this with firefish? I heard they can sometimes burry into the sand, but this is nuts. He just *disappeared*. :(
It's not uncommon to get fish and just not see them for awhile. If you don't see it in say about two weeks, then you can think maybe it just isn't there anymore. Otherwise keep up with water quality...and it's a good idea to check it a bit more frequent when you start populating a tank. Is this fish in a tank with live rock?
Have about 20 lbs of cured live rock in there. I checked the water yesterday and everything was alright. No other inhabitants in the tank, so I can't imagine what may have happened. I'm just gonna have to assume it's hiding in the rock or sand somewhere. *sigh*
Hi! Very common for them to hide and be MIA for a little while. I suggest NOT moving rock around like many do... they can be easily smooshed this way... In anycase, hopefully he'll show himself soon and you can enjoy :)
But they are jumpers, make sure to have no open areas! :)

I can't for the life of me figure out how to make sure there are no open areas. I have a HOB skimmer...HOB Aquaclear filter (just for added filtration to get rid of muck)...two powerheads. How do you seal up all the holes in your tank?
I say as long as there is plety of rock to hid in, that's where he is at. We discussed in a nother forum how we believe they only jump when there aren't any hiding places.

My purple firefish hid for about 3 days before I saw him. This is normal for the fish, just wait it out and he should come on out.
Thanks. I found somewhere else online that someone's firefish hid for weeks before peeking back out. I'm just worried it won't be able to find food if it just hides in the rock. Should I still continue to feed in the hopes that he scavenges when I'm not around?
When I first got my firefish he was really shy. He hid forever...until I fed. I've had him maybe a month and he still hides but is less shy...he comes out and swims everywhere, and when he wants a break he hides in a tunnel that my banded goby dug out. It took him some time but he's a lot more friendly now. Great addition. Good luck. :D
I found him! I got home from work this afternoon and saw him swimming around. The second I got near the tank, he darted into one of the holes in the live rock. I'm amazed that he can sit in there for this prolonged a time. I hope he has been finding food floating around the tank. Poor guy...
Just an untested idea:

You could put something in front of your tank like a curtain 30 mins before you feed. Then when you feed, try not to peek too much. I bet he'll eat better that way. You could set up a webcam :)
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