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Nov 15, 2018
I have a 10 gallon tank with 4 adult guppies and few baby guppies only. I lost a fish last week - it lost colors, had a twisted back and had stopped eating. Today I noticed that 2 more fishes have twisted back.
Any suggestions - if this is TB or any other disease?
If TB, any suggestions how to sanitize the tank?


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Females sometimes get twisted backs like that from a difficult birthing. If those are males then yes it looks like TB. Sorry there is no cure and it is contagious to the other fish. If you have a separate tank put the sick ones in there before it spreads further.
Thank you Sara. Both are females and have given birth to babies more than once. Male is on left with forked fin and seems fine.
Question - I researched and found TB is highly contagious and is dangerous to humans too and the bacteria is hard to kill. But there’s little information on how to clean the tank. Any idea ? Or should I get rid of the entire setup?
I have not had to deal with this personally (thankfully) so I can only relay info that I can find.
I would still separate the females just to make sure that it is bent spine and not TB. Being away from males trying to constantly mate with them will relax them a bit too. If any of your males are showing signs then it is definitely TB. Make sure that you are washing your hands thoroughly after contact with the water.
The only information I found with cleaning a tank that had tb were all empty. The fish were put down before cleaning. So you should 100% make sure that it is tb.
All of them suggest running bleach In the tank for a few days before letting it dry and using vinegar to finish cleaning.
One person suggested a UV sterilizer.
Are they showing any other signs of illness? I don't think bent spines alone are enough to say it's TB.
@SaraB - Thank you Sara. Appreciate the guidance.

@okapizebra Not really. All fishes are super active. Eating well. Swimming all around the tank. The tank is well kept. Good water parameters.
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