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May 13, 2004
Kissimmee FL
Ok, on this website I got a pretty good fish food recipe, I bought what was fresh at the store (shrimp, mussels, & smelt). What ended up happening was me throwing out the smelt because after deboning and taking fins off the skins there wasn't much left, if at all. Also I was afraid of accidently getting bones in there. So heres the question, will the shrimp and mussels be sufficent for the meaty portion? I already made it up, so I hope it is. I put a lot of Zoe in there just in is this going to be ok???
Thank you...they seemed to pick threw it...spit it out and eat only the parts they wanted. Must not have liked something in it, probabally the nori. It's like trying to get kids to eat their vegtables lol.
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