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Mar 24, 2003
New Lenox, IL
Hi all,
I just wanted to post my proposed fish list to see if anyone had any suggestions or cautions for me.
The tank is a 165 gallon with a 40 gallon pump, 206# of LR, and 100-120# of LS (I forgot how much exactly).
Here's what I have so far:
2 blue green chromis
1 ocellaris clown
1 yellowtail damsel (he's a nice fish - I've never seen any aggression from him - but I've got my eye on him)
1 lawnmower blennie
Here's what I want to add:
3 more blue green chromis
1 more ocellaris clown
1 yellowhead jawfish
1 Kaudern's Cardinal (Pterapogon kauderni)
Any suggestions? Let me know if you need to know the inverts I have.
Thanks, sorry if everyone thinks these lists are annoying, but I find them helpful. :)
my yellow tail and my spotted hawk beat my fire fish to death in 1 day be careful with that one. i had a black cap basslet once for several years i still miss that beautiful fish. also love fire shrimp i try to keep a variety of colors....lor
well i would add another clown and the chromis because they do good in groups
you definitley need a large "showpiece" fish such as a tang.I like the powder blue tangs. but yeah add more chromis's and another clown
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