Any floating plant recommendations?

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Mar 19, 2023
Heyy I'm a beginner with a 10g holding a betta. Finally got the water still enough to keep floating plants and looking for some suggestions that would look good and grow well in my tank. (preferably easy to care for and I don't mind having to remove some if it is a fast growth plant)

I'm also thinking about getting wisteria or sag to add to the background, maybe some anubias to the front. Any suggestions? I would really love to make the back of the tank more dense to give him some hiding spots - so what plants do you guys think I should add?

I also realize that the substrate is not ideal - but everything seems to be working really well and there's so much new growth. Originally I had not planned to have live plants so that's the reason for the gravel. Oops.

I use easy green fertilizer, and that's all T-T. But it works and keeps nitrates up which I've had a problem with.

here's my tank: IMG-2720.jpg
Oh, also if theres anything that would add some more color :)
I have a variety of easy-growing plants in 10g tanks with bettas. Within this category, get what's appealing to you. The general rule is: tall plants in the back, medium in the middle, short in front.

You won't need many, as your fish also needs open spaces. Looking at your picture, you have a nice setup and really needs only a bit of background foliage as well as a background wallpaper (found in fish stores) so there's less reflection, more environmental cohesion (homey feeling).

Also consider getting one silk plant that's the color of your fish (blue fish, blue silk, etc). Something wavy and soft that will allow him to hide in camouflage. Of all the plants, it's these camo silk ones that mine like best. They'll bury their faces in there with their skirts sticking out the back and "hide" for long periods of time. Kind of like a dog that hides its face and thinks you can't see it :lol:
Forgot to mention - I have gravel in mine and it works just fine for growing plants
omg the camoflage idea is so smart! I would love to see that and am definitely looking into it.
Something that can be grown floating but also planted is Pearlweed. Tiny leaves but it doesn’t need insane amounts of light or ferts and though its roots are very fine, once it has grown enough of them you could plant some if you like.

But it floats just as well and provides a bit of shade and is not bothered by too much water movement the way Red Root floater or Azolla or even some of the small salvinias are, and it doesn’t need as intense lighting as the true surface floaters tend to need.
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