Flow in a QT?

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Sep 10, 2004
Sturbridge, MA
My 10g QT had just a sponge filter in it, and there was a lot of buildup of junk on the bottom of the BB tank despite my siphoning it

I had the bright idea of adding my old Duetto power filter which claims 37-90 gph (it's adjustable). I didn't use the carbon blocks since I'm running copper. just some foam sponges

My clown has come out of hiding in the PVC and is cruising around the tank a lot more, and a lot of the gunk has gone in the filter

I'm thinking this is an improvement, but I'm wondering how much is too much flow for a QT?

In theory, I could turn it all the way up to 90 gph, which would be almost 10x flow, as recommended for a reef tank. I had it this high and it seemed like it might be overpowering him a bit (he's little)

what should I set it to?
so 90gph is fine in a 10g tank? I'll turn it back up to full then... it sure did a number on the detritus
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