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Thanx but no.....
Jun 2, 2008
Just an FYI:

There were some on here a bit ago talking about the cost of canisters. Tiny's Pond World (on Ebay) has the 404 for $85 (free shipping). I run these on both my FW and SW. Cheaper than the FX5, super quiet and a work horse..

Not sure if this is where the post should go (or if I should even post it) but it's a good deal and there were people looking for a good can........ ister

If it's not, my apologies and plz remove..

Hagen Fluval 404 Aquarium Filter NIB~ FREE SHIPPING 405 - eBay (item 380047111954 end time Jul-19-08 11:52:55 PDT)
I think you got it in the right section. The 04 are last year's model, but I have to agree with you 100%. I have the 304 on my 55 and the FX5 on my 125, both awesome filters. I did notice the 05s are much easier to get open.
For the ~ $150 per savings.. I'll keep my swiss army knife handy for prying..

Now where's that bag of GFO?
Oh, sweet! I haven't bought my tank and supplies yet, but I definitely was getting a Fluval05. Now I'll be getting that '04 for half the price. THANKS for the link!! ^_^
I believe it's up to 100 Gallons. The 304 is up to 55G.
Rated at 100 G's which typically means 75 with fish. annoying as they all are
Again thanks for the heads up. I just picked up a 304 from that seller for my new 40G long.

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