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Mar 11, 2011
Im about to start a Fluval Edge Saltwater tank its about 6 gal any stocking ideas?? or Advice?
I was going to try that with salt... but there are a few things that my lfs said that made me go with a regular one....
1. Lighting is not very good.... That means you couldent get any corals...
2. They are only 5 or 6 gallon tanks that is enough space to support 1 small fish..
3. They are very hard to clean because of the permanent glass cover that goes over the back...
4. No room for a protein skimmer....
5. Filter isn't very good for fresh or salt water...
Those are just some things that I have herd about them.. I looked into it but then I bought a 28 gallon bowfront off of craigslist ... It was stocked and cycled it work perfect
Small gobies and sexy shrimp for stocking suggestions.
Advice: don't do it, lololol. I've pretty much given up on mine because of the lighting. If you plan on doing more than really low-light softies for coral, good luck.

Edit: Response to above:
You can do corals, you just need to do small adjustments and have low ambitions. They're not that difficult to clean unless you have a large amount of rock or huge hands. The filter is the most widely suggested HOB.. And a lot of people don't think a 6 gallon needs a protein skimmer.

If you are reasonable with your intentions for the tank, it's not bad. But if you want high light corals and big fish, don't do it.
I started with a nano tank, an 8 gal Fluval Ebi. Before I knew it, i had bought so many things trying to modify it and make it appropriate to slatwater that if I has spent the money from the beggining getting a better tank, I would have gotten a better, nicer and more efficient tank. Yes the Fluval tanks look nice, but they are for freshwater...get yourself a nice 20 gal and get it started the right way! :)
Thanks for the advice everyone i'll have to reconsider
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