Forza fz9 canister filter ?

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Dakota 123

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Oct 2, 2018
Does anybody have a Forza filter or do you know someone who is using one? I am looking at the FZ9 canister. It is an up dated over the Aqua Top according to all the dealers I have talked to all made by Sun-Sun. The FZ9 puts out 450gph which is excellent. If any body has any feed back would be appreciated

Thanks Bill :confused:
I’ve heard the same about the connection to Sun-Sun.
I have a 265 GPH Sun-Sun canister and my only complaint with it is the imperfections in the o-ring.
I have the next size up. It seems to work ok. I've had it set up for about a year now on my 75g sunfish tank. I like the priming pump and I like that it has a UV light. The equipment seems well built.

I'd have to advise that if you want to go with an aquatop, then imo the forza line would be the best.

I'd avoid the CF series. I have one on my 55g that sometimes leaks randomly. Even after checking all the seals. The equipment is super flimsy and has to be handled with care.

If you're open to other options, the Rena filstar canisters are good. I have 2 of them set up and my oldest one is 4 going on 5 years old. Very nice filters.
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