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Jun 5, 2008
Waldo, Arkansas
Hello, I'll try and keep it short but have a question about using Hold Fast directly in the tank to secure my new Xenia and some red shrooms. It has a warning on it stating to wash hands with soap and water that it can irritate sensitive skin SOOO are they saying it is safe AFTER it dries for 30 minutes in which case it is useless on attaching my Xenia to a piece of LR???Seems to me if it can possibly harm my hands when not dry what is to keep it from harming my tank buddies? Need input and thanks in advance. :confused:
i have never heard of the glue, but i just let my xenia grow onto LR. same with mushrooms. they just secure themself to the LR if you put them in a low flow area. i have heard if you are glueing mushrooms you can not get any of the glue anywhere but in the foot or it will harm you friend. i would assume the same with the xenia too. if it will harm you it can not be all that good for your corals
Thanks for the reply S & T. It is made by Marineland but the Xenia was already attached to a small rock so all I needed to do was attach it to the bigger rock in the tank. That way none of the epoxy has to ever come in to contact with any of my tank buddies. So far so good. It has hardened with no problems. Thanks.
I have used hold fast and had no problems. In my experience it holds better to pieces of rock rather than the coral itself, which tends to get slimy and unable to stick to much. Hope yours works fine :)
Softies are best left to attach naturally. I bought some wedding veil and a piece to fit around the frag and the rock I want it to attach to. Glue or rubberband the wedding veil to the rock. You want it just tight enough to hold the frag to the rock.

I use Aquastick which is probably the same epoxy as HoldFast. You knead it out of water. I attach it to the small rock out of the water and then press it against the larger rock. If I have too much I sometimes trim the excess that squeezes out in the tank.

Glad it worked for you.

Now comes the fun part when the Xenia tries to spread everywhere and want to take over your tank :eek:
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