For Sale or trade: Frogfish

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May 29, 2011
Miami Beach, FL
Caught this little bugger. Also referred to as a sargassum fish. $10 plus shipping or trade for almost anything. Looking for Halimeda plants. Thanks
Here. He's about half an inch


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How much. What's his condition and does he get along with other fish?
Dude, that is pretty cool. I only saw two of them (~5") while scuba diving in Cozumel last month (20 dives). They are said to be pretty rare down there (or at least very hard to spot). Where did you find it? Do you sell these often?
I live in Miami beach, so whenever I go to the beach, you can sometimes find them hitching rides on sargassum algae, which is why they're also called sargassum fish. You can also find baby triggers in this algae.
I have one waiting for djliquid. If he doesn't want it, then anyone can have it.


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Wow!Thats cool that you can catch those slither,,triggers too,,how awesome is that!!....i paid 100 bucks for my angler
How about sending a juvi french angel my way:wink: :lol:
I'll have what ever plants you need shipped to you for the frogfish. Just let me kno when you catch one
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