FS:Apple snails

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Ill gladly buy an adult one. So how are apple snails different from mystery snails? I have 1 adult black mystery snail and wondering if they have the same care requirements. Thanks my tanks a 28g 78f 6 albino cory catfish 1 female veiltale betta 1 empty black mystery snail shell and 1 black mystery snail would this be good enough to add some? Thanks
Sounds fine and apple snails get a little bigger then mystery snails. So is one about the size of a baby mystery snail(about ping pong size)
Their shells got better as the shells grew, kind of like fingernails. :)
Mystery snails get about as big as a golfball, and apple snails get about the size of a baseball and bigger. They are all the same family though, so the care should be the same.
If you grind up some cuttle bone (bird stuff) and sprinkle it in there, your snails shells will look better. :)

This is what my snails shell looks like now. It was terrible when I got her from the pet store.

thats a nice color snail, got any babys? lol
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