FS: Mazzei 287 gph pp CO2 injector

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Feb 4, 2004
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I recently bought this thinking that smaller would be better for trying to get it inline with my canister, but it ended up being backwards, and that bigger is better for low pressure systems. If you have a sump with a return pump that can give you 5psi+, this injector will work well for you. My setup only has 2 psi..ish and when I tried putting it inline with my canister, flow came to a trickle, and I had to disassemble it. You can adjust the amount that the co2 is dissolved by using a bypass, which has been well developed by Tom Barr and alot of people at plantedtank.com. Tom spent alot of time using this, and decided that undissolved co2 being absorbed directly through the leaves is more effective than dissolving co2 into the water. One thing to make note of is that pH swings are much more prevalent in this system than others (I can't explain it in the really sciency way, but that's what the links are for :p)

I can guarentee that this injector is in the same condition that I bought it in (aside from the 1 gallon of water I pumped through it). I'll try to help out as best I can, but I'm not very good at the whole math pressure head height flow equation math stuff. I have found that the engineers at Mazzei are extremely helpful, and they are very dedicated to helping us, even is co2 injection isn't they're normal use.

Right now, I want $25 shipped for it, but maybe it will go down if there isn't any interest

Here's some info
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Price dropped to $20 shipped. I'll keep it up another week, and then if it's not sold, I'll try ebay or find a way to use it for my sprinkler system.

I've started a ebay auction. If you want it, I can give you a 10% AA love discount :p

Since I can't get the ebay link to work, here's the item number


Yeah, no one but taylor seems to be interested, so I was getting worried. One thing you do need to know, is that you'll need a pump that can put out >5psi, or your flow will take a big hit.
So what is this thing you're selling? Sorry I know nothing about CO2 pumps...
It uses a different method for getting co2 to plants. Rather than diffusing the co2 into the water, this method creates a co2 mist (microbubbles) that stick to the leaves of the plant. This method is more efficient at delivering co2 to plants, as they don't have to draw it from the water. It is so efficient, that within 10 minutes of lights out (and co2 being turned off), my fish were gasping for air. I've since started a new better (uses more co2, but I no longer have problems with co2 levels in the water) that uses a powerhead, so the spray bar is now pointed out of the water, but the microbubbles still enter the water, and will be pushed downwards towards the plants with the powerhead (in my case a koralia evolution nano 400gph). It should be coming tomorrow, but if you're planning on using this on your 10 gallon, as much as I want to sell it, it will be overkill.
Oooh alright, thanks for the info... If you still have it in a few years then I'll definitely pick this up :D
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