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May 15, 2010
Have a 10 gallon with only RCS and my 75 has an amazing population too.
For smaller amounts $1.00 each + shipping

50 RCS for $50 free shipping

We ship out on Monday and Tuesdays and on very rare occasions Saturdays, BTW.


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Red Cherry Shrimp

what are the tank characteristics for these? What kind of care? How big do they get?
They get about 1.5" and are pretty easy to keep. It's best to have some live plants in there so the baby shrimp can find stuff to eat. You can keep them in anything from a 2 gallonish to like a 1000 gallon if you want. They breed pretty readily, and like other inverts, copper is a no no
(please note that I don't get into the science part of aquariums. I use basic little test strips, if I think something is wrong, but otherwise, everything naturally keeps itself in order.) I have hard water, a neautral PH, and low alkalinity. I do a regular water change, once a week and have a large variety of plants in all of my tanks.
As Krap said, they are dwarf shrimp and don't get bigger than 2 inches.

Feel free to PM me.
I would be interested in a couple of weeks. I am moving soon and will start setting up my tanks again. If you have any left by then, I would like some. I will check back then.
I should have plenty, by then, they will have probably reproduced 100 more

Hola again :) My tank is set up, cycled and ready for inhabitants. How are the RCSs?

Currently there is only one BN and one tetra in the tank, but I am considering getting a gourami of some sort. Perhaps a pearl gourami. Any opinions on compatibility? The tank is medium planted now, but will be very heavily planted within a couple weeks.

Do you ship the shrimp with moss or guppy grass?
I'm interested, how do we do business? I paid 13.90 for 3 of them, and they are about 1/2 inch big -_-

So, I won't be making that mistake again. I'd like about 25 of them. So 25 for 25 dollars, and how much for shipping? Send me details! you can email me if you would like, brxyxan@gmail.com.

Thank you!
Do Red Cherry Shrimp follow the 1 inch per gallon rule? I have a 26 gal bowfront that is near capacity. Could I safely buy some of your shrimp? How much to ship 10 to 83404?
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