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Jun 4, 2009
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Hi everyone. i have two glassfish(not glass catfish) in my 64 gallon community tank. i know that they should be in a school but getting anymore is just not gonna happen any time soon so i was wondering if i could breed them and try to start a little shoal of glassfish:D
most sites say that they spawn in large groups but i only have 2 and im pretty sure they are male and female. one has the "pointed swim bladder" which is supposed to be male. and in the light they shine yellow and the other more bluish. can anyone give some advice? has anyone ever spawned them before?:confused:
lol.thank you very much. i quite realize that most people have no experience with them. yes i have been to those sites already before, i escpecially love the first site! but thank you very much anyway! rest assured even the fact that you care enough to answer is great and is very much appreciated!:king:
No problem. I wish i could help more. I went and grabbed a book that shows small descriptions on the fish and it says quote on quote. "CHALLENGING. Eggs are scattered among fine leafed vegetation - Often following exposure of the aquarium to morning sun. Hatching takes 1 day. Fry are difficult to raise do to there small size". So from what i have red from everything make sure you have a broad leafed plant in with them and make sure to put the tank in th morning sun when the light comes on if possible. Or make sure that the tank light turns on when the morning sun comes up.

Also make sure that you have them in BRACKISH water. I hate to see fish to be in the wrong enviroment and not have proper care. Also since the eggs hatch fast make sure you are prepared to take care of them before breeding. Keep me updated when you do the breeding.:p
yeah, they got enough salt:D
my second tank is currently occupied but a bowfin and a warmouth so it wont happen until i either get a new tank or i have to find a new home for them when they get too big.:((which might not be too soon...)
thnks alot. i was just looking for any extra info, what you said there pretty much sums up all that i've found about them.
Also found this on line.

Adding a little salt to the breeding tank 2 months prior to breeding will help. The tank will need to see light in the morning to induce spawning, prior to this do a largish water change with fresh water. The eggs will be laid on broad leaved plants but coaxing the fry to eat after hatching can be difficult. Try them with Infusoria initially.
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