How to stop breeding?

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May 15, 2023
I have some blue acara and yellow labs in a 130g. They wont stop breeding. I have at least 25 babies that survived. Is there a safe humane way to stop them from breeding?
Hi and welcome to the forum :)

The only way to stop fish breeding is to separate the males from females. However, some female fish will shed eggs even if males aren't present (rainbowfish, cichlids that lay eggs on surfaces). And some female fish become eggbound if they can't breed.

If your fish are breeding, perhaps ask your local pet shop if they will buy the young off you. Some shops will take unwanted fish (assuming they are healthy and a suitable size) and give you cash or a store credit. Give them a call and see if they do. :)
Fish Breeding

Thank you for the reply and advice.
I did think of that and have friends that would gladly take them.
It's just that it's a planted tank that has been growing out for 3 years and is so over grown, it's impossible to remove them without making a terrible mess.
As soon as the net enters the water they disappear.
I don't mind them, the tank is large enough at this time but at some
point it will be a big problem.
Check on YouTube for shrimp traps and fish traps for marine aquariums. You can make traps from plastic drink bottles and put them in the tank. The fish swim into them and you lift the bottle out. No need to chase anyone, just put a bottle in, wait a few hours and then take the fish out. You would have to do this each day for a few days to get a quantity of fish out, and put the trap in a different spot each time, but they work. When you have caught enough fish, call the shop or your friends. :)
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