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Feb 18, 2006
When we went on a 3 day vacation 2 weeks ago, I came home to a sick tank.
I lost my 4" opaline gourami and one (of a mated egg laying pair) or gold severums. I do not know if it is the male of female that passed. I don't know what the tank had. I treated with Maracyn 2, melafix and pimafix. They looked to be getting better then the gourami died, then 3 days later the severum. I did a big 50% water change and all seemed well. Then the other severum mate seemed sluggish. The other 2 (another mated pair but never saw eggs from them) were chasing this 3rd around. I took her/him I'm guessing it is the girl, because she was still sitting over her egg laying place.

Well I took her out and put her in a tiny 1g tank with a filter but no heater (all I had, even had to move out the inhabitants to use it). My home is 78degrees on average, so this should be fine? She had some red behind one side fin which has cleared up now with every other day water changes and some melafix. Well I think she was bored or lonely and the red was gone and her color good so I thought I could put her back in the big tank. I acclimated her slowly since there was a temp difference. She went right to her breeding rock, swam around the whole tank. Said hello to the other pair, all seemed fine. Then she stated to hid. In the morning she was sitting under a big leaf with the 2 female bettas (who grew up in small tanks and maybe just don't like all the commotion?)

Before we left for the day I checked on her, the other severums were chasing her a bit but not biting, just chasing, and the male betta actually got in the way several times to protect her. GOOD BOY!! He did the same thing for her partner when he was under the weather. So I left him in charge and we left. Well, in the evening last night, after returning from pumpkin picking, she was in the opposite corner face down in a bush... I tapped the wall and she moved... Well I changed the little tank I took her out of and put her right back in it. She started swimming around again. I see no new wounds, or red or anything unusual. I didn't treat the water, just made it fresh. She appears to be moving fine and is exploring the tank rather than sitting in the corner. I have a few plants in there floating and a few baby snails. I have not seen her eat, but she is attentive.

She is only 1.5" long (other pair same size-they all grew up together, were the first fish in the tank) but still I can't keep her in this tiny tank forever.
Will I ever be able to reintroduce her to the tank? I had added a lot of plants and some other fish prior to adding her back in hoping that would help, but it didn't last..... ?????
ANY Suggestions?? Thanks
A fish that is being picked on is under alot of stress. Good job in removing the fish from the tank. Young cichlids are seldom that territoreal but it does happen. You might try reintroducing this fish just before you turn in for the night. Perhaps that will help. Another suggestion would be to remove the most aggressive fish for a day. When this fish is then reintroduced it might not feel like it "owns the place".
I think the other pair want her prime piece of breeding real estate. With just her to defend it.. well that is my theory anyway from watching their behavior. When I removed her the first time they they took it over. That is one reason I added some new fish and the plants. I want to introduce her again while I can stay home and watch. Maybe I need to get another severum and put them in together.??
Thanks for the suggestion of removing the others for a little while and them putting them back in.. that might work a "time out" for fish.

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