Good heater for 5 gallon quarantine tank

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Mar 31, 2024
My tank is having some issues (see my other post) and I am starting to think the best option might be to set up a quarantine tank to take out the invertebrates while treating the tank. (And to have in the future). I have a old 5 gallon tank that has a spong filter built in but i need a heater. I'm wondering what a good affordable heater for a 5 gallon tank would be
Heaters in the 5-10 gallon range are the smallest size and are quite affordable. Your local stores (if you have fish stores in your area large/small) should have a variety of 2-5 different brands. I've used most of them on 10g tanks and all seem to work fine. I do notice, however, that some quit working after about a year. It's individual, not according to brand. I haven't had any problems like this with bigger heaters in bigger tanks. Definitely stick with the right size for your tank though, and keep an eye on it as well as have a thermometer in there to monitor the temperature.
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