Good lighting / good deal?

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Apr 20, 2008
Findlay, Ohio
Someone sent me a message from my local craigslist about a coralife 48 " power compact light for sale. With 4 65 Watt bulbs - (2) 12,000K daylight and (2) 03 true actinic WIth mounting legs. The guy also said that he got it used. He's asking $100 for it. It seems like a good deal. What do you guys think? I'm still a bit of a newbie when it comes to lighting. What kind of corals could I keep under this light?

If the bulbs are towards the end of their life, are they easy to replace / cost effeciant to buy something like this?

I think the bulbs are ~$20 each for new ones. So for that price you could get something new from aquarium guys since forum members get 8% discount, or somewhere else.

Actually I think this is one of the best deals going right now and its T5 so bulbs are cheaper and many think they are better than PC. Its 4x54w HO T5 with good reflectors. Only thing its missing are fans, but it has slots for them that you could add later if you want
Well I was just saying that its prob better than that coralife setup for sure
I had that fixture and it was ok but I couldn't wait to upgrade. You'll be restricted to soft corals and a few hardy lps corals. I've been able to find the lights for that fixture on sale at for about $14 each. I honestly think that $100 is a lot for that fixture. Heck, I'm selling a complete 40 gallon tank, stand and exact same fixture for $100 on craigs list. :)
I agree with you Speed, I was just pointing out the differences, hope I didn't offend.
Thanks for the help. I dont know for sure if they need to be replaced or not - but just going off the fact that hes gotten the fixture used from someone else - i'll have to find out if the bulbs are pretty new. So in short, even if they're pretty new still not a great deal? I thought the same system on the Drs website was over $200.

I wonder if maybe I could offer $75 if he says its been used for a while..

I just figured if i could get a cheap lighting system i'd go ahead and try some 'starter' soft corals. Thought id ask since the opportunity came along. I was in no rush.. was planning on sometime next year LOL. I was thinkingof using my tax rebate toward a good fixture next year, but would buy this to start out if it was worth it.
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