Green featherdusters

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Sep 16, 2013
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So i've had my tank for about a year and a half now and these guys showed up the other day. I've always had feather dusters around but i've never seen them grow in clusters like this before. Does anyone know anything about them? There are two seperate clusters in my tank, both about the size of a pennie

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I am afraid they are not feather dusters.

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Hank aside from spreading why are they bad? I am curious because I have heard this before thanks!

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They sting and kill everything. I personally think they are ugly but some people don't mind them.

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From another forum-
If you have the tube ones, they are actually jellyfish. Once they mature(which I don't think they do in the aquarium), the crowns will leave the tubes and become the free floating jellies. I had a few small patches of these, but they did not seem to multiply at all. In fact, they are sometimes neon green and kind of cool. You can easily get rid of these buy plucking the tube from the rock with tweezers. They are on there pretty tough though.
Hydroids indeed. I've never had the colonial type, but I did find and pull out a live specimen of the jellyfish stage. It was tiny (2mm), translucent, and fun to watch :)

Not sure what they consume, but mine never seemed to multiply either. Are yours reproducing?
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