Green Frilly Mushroom

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Jun 16, 2012
Blanchard, OK
I bought a Green Frilly Mushroom today. I know they are hardy corals and easy to keep but I don't know much about tank placement. Flow, lighting, top or bottom of tank, etc. Any help would be appreciated.
light flow. not alot of light needed. can be placed near the bottom with no issues assuming your have decent lighting on the tank. place it somewhere that will allow it to grow. as it will spread a lot if happy
I put him towards the bottom of the tank in a low-moderate flow. He is in direct light but I assume that's ok. I also put him in a spot he can grow. What happens if he starts spreading too much? How do I control it?
It will be a while before he grows too much lol. But try to place it on a rock that can be removed perhaps?
i think i have the same one and i only bought 1 cap. It took a while to adjust but i placed him on a rock under my powerhead and he seems to like it

i youtubed it but saw many different types of "green frilly mushroom" one looked just like mine, flat and round, the others like a hairy type

Here's a picture of him. I think I count 8 caps around the rock it came on but i can't really tell where one ends and the other begins. :)
when i google hairy mushrooms all i see are things that look like anemones or grassy with tentacles, are you saying mine will turn into that? it looks nothing like the hairy mushrooms on google, mine is round and flat and sticks to the rock and literally looks like a mushroom lol. once again mine has no tentacle looking feature all flat
Same type of coral even if its one or the other mine loves the bottom kinda below my power head it was the size of a quarter and now it's big as my fist. Here it is.


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