green slime

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Jun 21, 2004
West Lafayette IN
My tank has been up for over a year now and every week I get green slime over the front of my glass. I wipe, it comes back, and so on the cycles goes. The tank gets 10% water changes every week, it has a euroreef 5-2 skimmer, over 160 lbs of live rock between the tank and sump, and some macro algea growing in the sump. I use walmart distilled water for water changes. *sigh* I just dont know what to do, its a real big pain in the butt. Oh yeah, lights are on 8 hours a day (6 x 55wt t-5 tek lights, and my acros are growing quite steadily), and fish get fed 3 times a week, and once a week they get some seaweed clipped on to the tank. help pls?
Distilled water is not necessarily the cleanest water, you might want to think of getting an RO/DI unit available at many fish stores, and online. I bought mine at Marine Depot, Premium Aquatics also sells good units, or you could look for one on ebay.

P.S. I clean the glass every day just to make sure it is absolutely as clean as possible.
Actually, green film algae is normal. A mag float works well for cleaning it without much fuss.
like fluff says its normal... If it is slime algae/cyno then that would be different. If its the green algae that floats like dust in the water after you clean it then your fine. It is a pain to clean every day but that is part of the hobby.
thanks for putting me at ease, it is indeed the kind of algea that when you whipe it off it looks like dust, the bulbs are only a few months old (I try to replace when necessary). I think I will invest in one of the magfloats to ease the maintenance cycle a bit.
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