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Jan 30, 2010
Salt Lake City, Utah
Hey everyone, just signed up, getting on here to learn a few things, and maybe learn some things I didn't even know about. First off, I have a 25gal planted setup. Here's a list of what I'm here to learn about:

How to work better with CO2 levels, build a DIY reactor, and manipulate KH

Proper fertilization techniques, both in liquid and solid forms (phosphates, nitrates, etc.)

The effective use of a UV filter (bought one to control a green water outbreak, and now that I have crystal clear water, whether I should run it continuously or what)

How to handle breeding (I've got cherry shrimp that just had their first batch, and I fear that I might be overrun soon, although I've got an angelfish that thinks the little ones make good snacks :)

Any input is appreciated, but I'll commence scanning the forums to find out answers as well. Thanks!

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