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Aug 18, 2010
Hey guys thanks for stopping and reading my introduction.

I currently got a freshwater aquarium and I have 5 goldfish. I started out with Bettas when i was studying abroad and thats how I got hooked with keeping an aquarium.

I've had my goldfish for about a year now and I have seen them grow so much since I first got them. I had a 10 gallon tank first with them and unfortunately it had a crack. I thought it was a good time to get an upgrade so i found a 15 gallon tank at a great price and i got that one instead. It was a custom made tank and it was a bit different than the regular ones, it was a lot shorter in height but it was longer so the fish had more room to go back and forth. I was quite happy with it but a few days ago I started noticing some small amounts of water on the edge of it. I would dry it but 15 minutes later i saw the same "puddle"... So I started reading and googling about alternate sources to make an aquarium. I found that acrylic aquariums are great but unfortunately where I live people are not that much into aquariums so the stores dont carry acrylic aquariums, except those small ones for like keeping hermit crabs or any other smaller variety of pet. So I started reading more and more and eventually I got to a place that mentiones Steralite containers are good because they dont produce toxins or any other bi-products that could harm my fishies. So I went ahead and I got a very big Steralite transparent container. Holds about 20 gallons of water and I love it because it has so much surface space, its more of a square shape than a rectangle so Im guessing those guys must really feel the difference. I was using the regular Aquarium pebbles as substrate but maybe the brand I got was not as good because I was rinsing them with hot water, no soap or anything and for some reason the water was turning the color of the stones which is like a baby blue so im guessing they are losing their coloring. So For my steralite aquarium ( for some reason that feels weird.. saying that) ... Im using glass marbles. And they look awesome! I really tested those marbles to check they were not colored and after some rinsing, and scraping i had not paint chip off so i know they are just glass ;).

Anyway, its day 3 and they are doing awesome, water seems to be holding very clear, ph is about 6.9. And the marbles look awesome.

Im terms filters Im using a 20 aqua clear filter and I also have an oxygen pump with an air stone. The only thing is that the tube on the water filter is very short and I might need to modifiy it so it can reach a bit farther down.

For lighting Im using a 10 watt t8 fluorescent tube which i turn off around 8 ish. This is going to be deffinitely a new experience with the steralite as an aquarium but besides the fact that the look might not be as appealing, What Im looking for is general health and wellbeing for my lil guys until I can get my hands on a big acrylic aquarium or something better. Perhaps i get crazy and build a pond in the back yard if they start growing too much.

Well thanks for reading my crazy long introduction and perhaps some of you have experience with Steralite containers in aquarium use that can provide some feeback.


Welcome to AA. :)

I am glad your 10 cracked LOL, since one goldfish needs at least 15-20 gallons to itself, and every goldie after that needs at least 10.
Welcome aboard.

P.S. you might want to repost about the steralite tank in the general hardware and equipment forum, this one is mostly just for saying hi.
Welcome to AA! keep an eye on your ammonia level! it's bound to spike with that many goldies in only 20g of water and a filter on the small side. i'd look on craigslist for a big ol' 75g... or go for the pond you mentioned :D
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