Guppies and black skirts

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Jan 18, 2011
Just went to the pet store and got two buddies for my lonely little black skirt, I also got two male guppies! One guppy is neon green! I've never seen a green one like that before! They are both males, so no breeding for them, which probably isn't a bad thing. So excited!
Watching guppies having babies is great to watch though :)

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Ok, there's a quite a bit of fin nipping and chasing going on between the three tetras. The guppies are doing awesome, but is there any way to break up this nipping? Do you think I should add more? Should I see if it's a territorial thing? Should I give it a few days?
Give it a little time. I sometimes find when adding new fish that they like to 'battle' for territory which will only last a day or so. It should settle down given a little time

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Ya, he was cool... Until he went mental. Now I can't find him. It's kind if ironic that his name was sharkbait.:) now just to find his body. :(
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