Has anyone feed reef chili?

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LOL looks like we're out of luck here. I've been told on another board that it's a mixture of products that they mark the price up on. I don't know that for sure though.
I would use caution with any manufacturer making such wild claims. No food type can feed "everything", it's highly unlikely and a rather bold statement.

What exactly do you want to feed? That's the best place to start before you can properly determine what to feed.

No one I know has heard of it and I havent seen it at any of our LFS either. I would suggest a varied diet depending on what ever fish you have in your tank. Rotate a few high quality foods to make sure they get lots of variety and nutrition. :)

Depending on what tank mates you have, I know you can also make your own seafood mush with all kids of stuff blended up and then freeze it in little itty bitty icecubes... I think the recipe is on here somewhere, but it might have been for meaty meat eaters. :)
actually a freind of mine uses it but he also supplements it with mysis shrimp and golden pearls.
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